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UK drivers spend 178 hours a year in traffic, costing nearly £8 billion a year.*  This looks set to increase, with an extra 444,000 people living, working and studying in the West Midlands by 2043 and demand for travel increasing by 22%.

We can help companies adapt to these growing demands.  We provide free travel support, advice and resources to enable businesses and commuters in the West Midlands to keep moving.  

*Data from INTRIX 2018 Global Traffic Scorecard.

Ticketing Offers

Discounted travel to encourage employees to use public transport.

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Self-Help Resources

Free resources to help encourage sustainable travel at your business

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Workplace Cycling Top 10 Tips

Create a cycling culture where you work with these top 10 tips.

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Planned Disruption Travel Support

If your business is being affected by planned disruptions our business team can help.

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Advice for Businesses that are Relocating

Thinking of relocating your business into the West Midlands? Make the most of our travel experience. 

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Major Roadworks and Events

We detail big events, major roadworks or engineering schemes on our dedicated page giving you advanced notice and advice to plan ahead. 

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Plan your journey





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Swift Pay As You Go

If you pay cash fares to travel, PAYG is the smarter and cheaper way to travel by bus and tram in the West Midlands.

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